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The 121th canton fair

Time:2017/4/21 16:51:34  2389

The 121th canton fair

  Time flies as fast as it can. And we come to attend The 121th Canton Fair along with our new products - PP foil from Apr.15th-19th.

  There are much few visitors coming to Canton Fair in this time. It may be caused by continually worse worldwide economic environment, or less attract of Canton Fair to them. But it is the fact we need to face to no matter what and how it was. And we will have to bring our products into market.

   During these 5 days, we receive customers from India, Norway, Russia and so on. And the most excited was that our very important customers fly to meet us. We are so impressed.

   Thank you my dear friends. We will keep working hard and offer our customer better service and products year by year.

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